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14 Jan 2021

The Big Rethink podcast - How to drive a better experience in a digital world

As the industry contemplates and explores new ways to recover, we believe it will take a community response to get the world traveling again.

For this to occur, we need to address some of the biggest questions for the travel industry today: how can we recover from the impact of COVID-19, and how can technology support that recovery? How can we boost traveler confidence and trust? How can we collaborate together as an industry to drive growth?

With this in mind we are bringing together some of our experts from across Amadeus, as well as our customers and partners, to have a big rethink together in a new podcast series. In the following episodes, we will discuss and debate on topics related to travel and tech as the industry comes together to rethink, rebuild and renew following the impact of COVID-19. Listen to spokespeople from across the business and beyond Amadeus, including customers, partners and industry influencers, for a well-rounded perspective on the industry’s next moves.

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