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14 Jan 2021

Do You Need A Vaccine To Fly?

As the first people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, many wonder if you need a vaccine to fly. For instance, airlines didn't initially require a face mask to fly in the pandemic's initial weeks. Will airlines be quicker to mandate a vaccine to fly in 2021?

As the COVID-19 vaccine isn't widely available yet, airlines do not require proof of vaccination to fly. However, there are indications from some airlines and countries that immunization is necessary for the future.

Will it only be necessary for international travel, domestic travel or both? Time will tell, but current statements indicate the vaccine will be required to travel abroad first. As the first recipients began receiving the doses in late 2020, it can be several months before we see needing a vaccine as a requirement to fly commercial.
The American public may also have a clearer idea once the Biden-Harris Administration controls the White House on January 20, 2021. While President Trump launched Operation Warp Speed to bring the vaccine in record time, the incoming administration will oversee most of the nation's rollout.

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