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24 Jul 2020

Touchless travel: What will my next journey look like?

There is no simple answer. Journeys are complex and depend on many factors: the rate at which different countries ease restrictions; government protocols and regulations; and new hygiene and safety standards.

However, as I have explored in previous blog posts, a number of touchless technologies such as biometrics, artificial intelligence, and digital identity management are coming together at the right moment to change the nature of our journeys. These are not necessarily new innovations, but the pandemic has accelerated their adoption across the travel industry.

Innovations in searching and booking

All travel begins with the search and booking phase. First, we must consider what kind of changes we can expect to see here in the coming months. We are in a fast-moving situation: travel restrictions will remain fluid, often altered with little notice. Navigating which countries have changed restrictions; what standards the hospitality industry has implemented; and what local regulations mean for social distancing all adds to the complexity.

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